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Roof moss and lichen lead to all manner of expensive roof problems. Call us to find out about fast, safe, and reliable cleaning

18,000 projects completed on time

We have removed the moss from many thousands of roofs now and follow a simple 10 step process.

  1. First we inspect your roof to see how to safely access the roof and find out the condition of the roof.
  2. Next we set up our low pressure jet washers or put into place our specially made hand cleaning tools.
  3. Now we survey the area around the property and lay protective netting over plants and surfaces to collect the moss that will fall.
  4. We take the steps to protect your gutter system from overload due to the large amount of water and moss that will come off the roof.
  5. Now we start to clean the moss off the roof starting at the highest ridge and always making sure we clean downwards systematically.
  6. As we clean the roof we observe the newly uncovered roof surface and note where we need to replace tiles or repairs are needed.
  7. After we have cleaned all areas of the roof we continue to wash all the windows and walls of the property.
  8. Now we clean out the gutter system and clean all the ground area around the property.
  9. Now we replace any broken tiles and inspect the roof to make sure it is fully secure.
  10. Now we ask you to inspect the finished work and see if it is to your satisfaction.